It’s difficult. When you look around and it feels like water is seeping in and filling the boat. You start to panic. I do. But, God. Has been helping me for years now. To not focus on the storm. To instead steady myself and focus on Them. “Jesus, help me!” That’s all it takes.

His sheep hear His voice. They learn that there is nothing to really be afraid of. Although there is no condemnation in our feelings of fear.

And so this morning I had a thing. A big thing in terms of human strength. And last night wasn’t going the way I wanted. I couldn’t see how this would work out today.

But this morning I was awakened before 5:00 AM. And over and over God has shown me that when They wake me up like that, it’s time to get moving. Time to be ready. For something. For whatever They have in store for me. So it took a few minutes, but I finally launched myself out of bed and got moving. I didn’t feel like doing anything. But I just had this underlying sense that I needed to get everything ready and prepared. For whatever was going to happen.

So I showered and dressed. Did my hair. Loaded my clothes into the car. Cleaned up the bathrooms. Fed the cat. Threw the laundry into the washer. Set the thermostat. Etc. The whole time, after every task, I’d check my phone to see if the delivery I wanted to go out of town was ready and available. It wasn’t. Time and time again. I must have refreshed my screen thirty to forty times. And each time I felt like God was saying to me, “Don’t worry. Just keep doing what you need to do to get ready and prepared to go. Be diligent in that. But not with stress, not with fear.”

So I kept on. I had everything ready to go. And I did the very last thing. And then I checked my phone. And like clockwork – there it was. The delivery was ready to go. Not even a minute after I had finished everything I needed to do. I bid on it and won the bid as I loaded up the last of my stuff into the car. Able to take off immediately – as is required by the contract. But I wouldn’t have been able to bid on the delivery if I hadn’t already done everything I needed to do. I would have missed it if I wasn’t able to immediately step out the door and go.

And there was Spirit again. Calling my attention to all that happened. In these crazy times. When it feels like there is some new catastrophe every day. God keeps telling me: “Do not worry. Do not be afraid. Be patient. And be diligent in your patience. Not with anxiety. But purposefully. As if everything is going to work out. As if everything you want will happen. Just keep your eyes forward. Focus on the goal. Focus on Me, especially when you feel afraid.”

Hope that comforts somebody today. To just take all your fears to God. Let Spirit help you navigate the stormy waters. And do not be afraid. You will get to the other side. Just keep doing the things you would do if you were guaranteed the outcome you desire. As if what you want will happen. And talk to God to help you all along the way. To take just the next step. And then after that, another.

You are Loved. Fully. Completely. You have nothing to be afraid of. And if it doesn’t feel like that then ask Spirit if I am wrong. Ask Spirit to speak to you and tell you what your soul needs to hear.

As for me, back to business. 😊


It really messed me up in a good way the other day when I heard that some people try to outsource self-love. Desperately. Holding everyone else accountable for loving them, but not holding themselves accountable for self-love. That hit deep.

The more I think about it, the more important I think it is to prioritize taking care of your business. I mean one of the greatest commandments is love your neighbor as you love yourself. The order of the words seems to kinda put the neighbor first. But really, loving yourself is the first action.

If I treat myself like crap, then it’s no wonder that I will not treat others well. If I don’t value myself, how can I really value another? If I put myself down and don’t have patience with myself, how long can I really be patient with another?

Think of it like a gas tank. Even if I give away everything I have to others in the name of love, eventually I’ll run out. That’s what happened to me. I didn’t even know it until I hit empty. I have been recovering ever since.

Cheerful giver. Giving from a place of abundance. Not putting myself in a place of poverty just to lift another up – like I used to do before. Does God give from a place of abundance or a place of lack?

I think in general the problem is learned helplessness. If you were never encouraged or were even actively discouraged from loving yourself, and you had to survive on the crumbs of affection that were given to you by others, or crumbs you had to earn through performance – then is it no wonder that it never even occurs to you that you have the ability to love yourself period – much less when others don’t.

How and where do you start when you’ve never done a thing before? I am learning to start wherever the pain rears up. You get that moment of looking outside of yourself. Upset about someone not being there for you in some way. Or unhappy with yourself. And you start there. Acknowledge the disappointment. But then ask yourself what YOU want to do about it. Keep crying and complaining about it for how long? You can do that. Or you can make changes. Little by little.

I’ve seen people sit and wait for decades. Sitting in rooms, distracting themselves with various forms of mind-numbing entertainment. Stewing in resentment. In my experience, these are some of the ugliest people. So desperate for control that they push everyone away. Ungrateful. And unwilling to do much of anything, especially if it will require long periods of discomfort, to change their situation.

Do you want to be well? Get up and walk.

Of course it won’t feel that easy. Any muscle that has been atrophied for so long will take a lot of work to get into any shape. But would you rather the alternative?

You can do it.

I asked God for a vision today. For new vision for the future since what I thought would happen crashed dramatically to the ground. No putting the spilled milk back where it came from. Gone. Finished. Unless God performs a miracle; which may not even be best.

I felt like God said to me that there is no grand vision. There is no master plan. There is no perfect path. That this is all about relationship and healing. That I am a co-creator of sorts. That Trinity will work with whatever I give God. So I get to choose.

Which brings up a whole huge litany of thoughts you don’t consider when you are simply looking at rules and figuring out boundaries. Let’s start with: why? Why will I choose what I choose? What am I aiming for? Temporarily pacifying myself? No condemnation, but what if there was more?

This is where it requires less work to sit back and ask for less freedom. To go back to Egypt. What we’ve always known. Just to ease the anxiety of not knowing. Just to have a sense of security. Even if they are bars in a prison cell.

What will you do? What if you can’t mess up so much because very little of what you think is this life matters once you are on the other side? Once this human experience is over? I’m reminded yet again that the only one who was corrected was the one who did nothing out of fear. The others planted seeds and were tangibly rewarded.

Any Wonder

What on earth would ever lead me to believe that God, my Father, would provide for me? What example could I possibly look to for any hope in that respect?

No wonder I picture a god lounging up in heaven, kicked back, eating grapes. Unbothered by any wrath his negligence may have me walking through. Doling out blessings to others, but not to me. Whoever will pay him lip service. 

I was never the kind to suck dick or kiss ass in order to get something. At least I can say that. But more importantly, that also goes back to God. I find myself feeling resentful. Real talk. Not wanting to approach. Dreading that there will be something I’ll have to do to get whatever He has to give me. Also learned that from others.

So I hang back. Dreading. Fear. This fucked up theology from the popularized “church”. Just like they told the people of old. That bad things will happen to you if you don’t “follow god”. And then if you take that as seriously as it implies, you spend all your damn time on edge. Checking, double-checking. Testing. Worried. What if you missed something? 

Was that Job’s mentality? Is that the point of that story? The real beginning of the Bible? That if we just get the formula right, then we’re good, right? Then god will open up his coffers and we can actually enjoy life?

I look to the people that still attend the church I used to go to. I don’t see them enjoying life at all. Most of the examples I can think of. There is this dread and fear hanging over them. I used to be there. This shell of a person. So focused on every thought and behavior. So “sin”-conscious. Completely consumed. 

We used watered-down words like “discernment” or “testing the spirits”. But it was all based on fear. Power and control. Of life, situations, and even God.

And let me be clear, this was taught from the very top. Prolifically. Obsessed.

Ridiculous. But I was there also. And I understand how it happens. 

But hey, why don’t you start telling me about Jesus? Maybe teach me about Jesus? Maybe you could fathom a universe where God could be bigger than my weaknesses, my failures, and the shitty examples that filtered down into me before I even had a chance to think for myself?

Oh, but that’s right – you had shitty examples too. No wonder my healing journey led me to them. As long as I wanted to play that game.

What if this whole time Spirit has been driving me to the point where I can say no to God without fear? What if that has been the real point all this time? All these years? Decades. 

What if the whole point of all of this has been to get me to the point where I feel confident and comfortable with deciding what I want to do and going forward without fear? Knowing that either way, I am fully Loved and I will always be fully Loved. Knowing that God is happy with me. That God wants to see me create. 

What if you had grown adult children that came back to you every five minutes to ask for your approval on every decision they made? Think about how that would look practically?

“Dad, should I pick the blue color or the black color? Dad, should I eat chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Dad, are you going to be mad at me if I choose to listen to this over that?”

Can you imagine? Your adult child would have to be calling you every other second. Would you get tired of it? What would you tell them?

Maybe, “I love you, child. I will always love you. I am more interested in seeing what you want. I want you to be free to create the life you want. I trust you. I’m here to help you if anything doesn’t work out. And even when it does. But, go; feel free. You have my blessing.”

When ego isn’t driving.

So, I finally stopped. I took a big risk. Monumental. I told God “no”. And I told God exactly what I wanted. And I am going for what I want. Now without fear. Now confident that God fully Loves me no matter what. Free to finally enjoy this life.

Where Are You?

What you think you have to do? What is going to occur to you?

Leave thinking that Love has not accepted you.

Cleave to what Love showed us: no matter how much we can throw at Love, no matter how many punches, no matter how many thorns, no matter how many rips of the whip, no matter how many nails, or how many swords, no matter if we all turn our backs away – Love does not retaliate against us. Love is not the least bit intimidated by our blindness, deafness, and hardness of hearts.

Love is not even offended. As Love needs no validation from us for an ego.

Since Love is complete and perfect, there is nothing Love needs from us.

So vast are the beautiful mysteries that scientists still have universes of questions after how many millennia? The more we know, the more discoveries remain. Is this Love in need of anything from us?

If you haven’t noticed yet, this world doesn’t revolve around us. I’m also sometimes guilty, but thinking so is a maniacal level of insane audacity. To think Love depends on us. When we are dependent on every breath of air to even have time to consider such a statement. We do not manufacture much in our existence. All the factors alone to sustain our physical survival.

Endless majestic sunrises and sunsets just for the hell of it? Dogs and cats that make us constantly laugh. Birds that can mimic us. Foliage and other natural theatrics that can arrest our senses. Just for the hell of it?

Or is our environment constantly calling to us? To believe. To see. How beautiful Love is for us!

And yet we dismiss it.

Love is the final Word on the subject. The complete Word.

Do we let the stories define who Love is? Or do we let Love define the stories? What lens are we reading through? I believe if we are reading any story through anything other than how Love showed up for us, then we are missing the point. I say that lovingly as I spent the large majority of my life in that space.

Do we start with Love, perfect Love, – and that we are very good?

Or do we insist on basing our story on fear?