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“GOD, the Master, The Holy of Israel, has this solemn counsel: ‘Your salvation requires you to turn back to me and stop your silly efforts to save yourselves. Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me— The very thing you’ve been unwilling to do…'”

Sarah Nyhan’s Texas

I find myself frequently sharing information with people about what to do and where to go in Texas. Specifically in San Antonio. So I created a map with a lot of information about local spots.

This is a work in progress. Please feel free to comment and offer up your own recommendations.

Due to current economic changes, please check with any of these places before venturing out.

Feel free to use the map and it’s features below. Or click this link for direct access:

Do you have what it takes?

Before Christ was crucified, Peter was in his own strength saying, “I got this.” It is recorded for us how Peter failed.

Yet we say, “I’d never be like Peter. Everyone else will, but not me, God.” And then we all fail in our own ways. We don’t trust Him and we take matters into our own hands. Like Adam and Eve?

After they all failed Jesus, Peter and the rest of the guys were hiding and went back to what they knew before their failures.

Jesus revealed Himself to them!! He pursued them as they were failing to provide for themselves.

Did He say, “Man guys, if you would have laid down your lives for me, you probably would be having a better time right now.” Nope.

He gave them a choice: “Keep doing it your way or listen to Me.”

When they listened to Him, they were overwhelmed with goodness and that goodness opened their eyes.

Peter ran to Him. Did Jesus say, “I just died for you after you denied me. The least you could do is cook me some breakfast, Peter”? Nope.

Jesus said, “Kids, you are hungry. Take a load off and come eat some fish tacos I made for you.” 😊

Did Jesus then say, “Peter, since you towed the line and showed all these wimps how to do it, I’m going to leave you in charge when I’m gone”? Nope.

Did Jesus say, “Peter, since you repented and believed enough after you screwed up, I’m going to put you in charge when I leave so you can show the rest of these hoodlums how to do it when I’m gone”? Nope.

In front everyone, to redeem Peter’s original failure (as a picture of Christ redeeming Adam’s original failure?), Jesus said, “Peter, do you have what it takes this time?”

“No, Lord. I have a little but not enough.”

Again: “Peter, do you have what it takes?”

“No, Lord.”

And a third time, “Peter, do you have what it takes?”

“No, Lord. You know I don’t have what it takes.”

Then Jesus says, “Great! Now you are ready! Tell them how much I love you. Tell them how much I love them.”

Just like with Moses: “I got this, Lord”. God says, “Whoa Moses, let me show you some stuff.” And out Moses goes to learn about dirty, stinky sheep in the desert for a few decades.

Then after he’s lost all hope of his dreams being fulfilled, it’s like God shows up and says, “You ready, Moses?”

“Oh, no way, God. Look at me.”

“Exactly! Look at you. Perfect for what I AM doing. I don’t need your strength, Moses.”

I don’t need your strength, Sarah. I don’t need your strength, children.

Just like with the Israelites. Why were Joshua and Caleb praised? THEY KNEW THEIR GOD!!! They didn’t see things through their own efforts.

Just like with Abraham, no? Another picture of Adam and us? Kinda like, “Ok Abe, I am giving you a promise.”

“Sounds great, Lord.”

Time goes by. All Abe sees is his own inabilities.

Sarah says, not unlike Eve, “Well, maybe God really did leave us to figure this out on our own?” So they proceed to make a mess of it.

And what does God do? “That’s it! I can’t stand ya’ll!” ZAP! Nope.

More grace. God says like He said to Peter, “I don’t even need your strength of believing, Abraham. I don’t need your strength of faith.”

God gave Abraham the promise of a son before Abraham believed. Did Abraham’s subsequent acts of unbelief nullify God’s promise?

GOD KNEW!!! Right after He gives the promise, He sealed it using the perfect picture: the old tradition was that if two men made an agreement, then they signified and sealed that agreement by killing an animal and splitting it’s body in half and both men would walk through the middle of the slaughtered animal so as to say, “If I don’t keep my part of this promise then let the same thing be done to me as to this animal.”

But did God let Abraham walk through the middle of the dead animals? NO! There was only a torch to represent God that was sent through the dead animals!! To show that only God was tied to keeping the promise!

And the torch, what a picture: a Light! And on top of that, God had Abraham setup the slaughtered animals during the day but waited until the darkness in order for The Light to pass through and seal the deal.

Wow! Picture after picture. Now that is good news!