I love Tabitha Brown. She has such good energy. Feel like she’s my virtual fairy godmother. 😄

Please watch this video. If you’ve been out there. You know what’s up.

It’s January 2nd. You might have already failed in the new year. Good news: that means you are human. Like the rest of us. Cancel culture be damned. Shame be damned.

So, pivot. Never give up on you and God. But, pivot.

Ask yourself what you did that worked for you. And then what you did or didn’t do that wasn’t helpful towards being where you want to be.

Then ask yourself if you really want to be where you thought you wanted to go.

And adjust accordingly. You’re smart. You can figure out a way.

This is about you. Nobody else. You’re not competing. The road is wide open for you to pursue your future joy and happiness.

Another virtual teacher of mine reminded people that it takes time for seeds to grow. You can’t harvest right away.

But keep planting. Keep watering. Keep showing up for yourself. And by doing so, for others.

You’ve got this. Even if you have to slow down and back up. You’ve got this.

You are not junk. You aren’t trash. You might not be happy about choices you made in the past. But today is a new day. You get to decide who you’re going to be. From this point forward.

There is no test. No final exam. Just you sitting where you are. Getting to choose how much of this life you want to live today.

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