As time goes by,
my heart grows fonder
of all GOD’s love
that He gave us to ponder.

It’s an eternal love
with no start or beginning
and it’ll keep on going
‘til the angels stop singing.

It’s unconditional,
perfect in every way.
GOD’s love will never leave.
Not even for a day.

He is the best Father
a child could find,
and all His forgiveness
should blow every mind.

He knows every hurt,
every desperate need.
And He abundantly provides,
promising to clothe and feed.

GOD is constant,
He abideth still.
And loves us so much,
His own Son He did kill.

GOD lives in peace
and gives it too.
Freely and happily
to me and to you.

So if you’re in despair
or feel you’re at a loss,
find hope in GOD’s love
and look to the cross.

To GOD be all glory.
Blessed be His name.
Let Him receive the fortune,
give Him all the fame.

The road is straight,
narrow and long,
but CHRIST is there,
to keep you strong.

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