Dropping Gems #53

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

Bizzle – This Ain’t Love ft. Lavoisier & Sevin

Gramatik – Illusion Of Choice

Jordan B Peterson – Wake Up

Kove – Love For You

Lecrae – Take Me As I Am

Morgan Page – Open Heart ft. Lissie

RÜFÜS DU SOL – Desert Night


StarBoy ft. Wizkid & London – Electric

The Clark Sisters – Blessed & Highly Favored (Live)


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Lately it seems to become more apparent to me that people need an experience of Jesus more than knowing about Jesus.

I’ve talked until people have stopped listening and turned the other way. It hasn’t worked. I’ve told so many people. Out of my excitement. Wanting to celebrate especially with those that I love. But it hasn’t worked. Nobody has listened. Really listened.

I think the only thing that’s going to break through is Jesus. So I am starting to specifically pray that people will experience Jesus.

We see this sometimes. I think of a video of Jordan Peterson brought to tears. Surely if a man could know about Jesus, then it would be that man. I can’t speak for him, but something has changed. Did he have an experience with the real and living God?

I’ve done all I can do. I’ve worn myself ragged. It hasn’t worked. They need Jesus. We need Jesus.

When is the last time we prayed to experience God? At the level where it registers. Where we can hear. And hopefully see. Where our heart is undeniably quickened.

This God is still alive. This God is still able to do the miracles we heard of in times past. This God is still very interested in us. As interested as always. God hasn’t retired. God isn’t just sitting back and playing Sudoku while the world burns up in flames.

Some things survive the fire. Some things are purified by fire. But even that isn’t the point.

I think of Jesus. Waiting for Lazarus to be dead in the grave. Not just lukewarm. But cold. Is that what is happening now? Is Jesus letting us get to the end of ourselves? Is our failure actually factored in? It was before. With Judas and the rest. God didn’t count on their faithfulness. Quite the opposite.

Does that mean there is still hope for us? I wish there would be a revival in the sense that people across the world would just put down their efforts and look up. Just admit that we didn’t get this one right. And ask for God to intervene. To fix all of this. To help us see and hear in such a mighty way that at least these current generations would be hard-pressed to deny.

Science hasn’t brought us joy. Intellectualism hasn’t brought us beauty. Moralism hasn’t awed us awake.

We need You, Jesus. Loud and clear. Bright and warm. We need You, God. We need You, Trinity.

You love us, I am now sure. The coin doesn’t lose its value just because it is lost. Please help us see again. Please help us hear. Please help us love.

We need a resurrection.