Interactive – Outside

Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo5640 Interstate 35 S, New Braunfels, TX 78132
As seen on TV. A closer viewing experience of all kinds of animals.

Chicken N Picklemultiple locations
I know nothing about pickleball and have never been here. But if you’re into that or want to find out about it then this is definitely a starting point for the area. There are usually a lot of people here. It seems like a good spot for a date night, meeting friends, or gathering a group. This is located near UTSA so just be aware that the crowd might lean towards that age-group.

Embassy Miniature Golf500 Embassy Oaks, San Antonio, TX 78216
This is a date-night spot or a spot to meet up with a small group of friends. Might be a little awkward to go by yourself since pretty much everyone is there with someone else. But hey, do you. It’s a good place for kids also. I enjoy going here. Very simple courses. Good old-fashioned fun. There is also a movie-theater and a pool place nearby to continue on the fun.

Kiddie Park3903 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212
For very young kids. Kid-sized amusement park rides. Located near downtown, Broadway, and the Pearl areas.

Morgan’s Wonderland5223 David Edwards Dr, San Antonio, TX 78233
This is a world-renowned all-inclusive children’s theme and amusement park that is designed specifically with special-needs in mind. It was named one of Time’s “World’s Greatest Places”.

Natural Bridge Caverns26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266
In general, I’m not a fan of caves. So I’ve never been interested in going here. But it is a popular spot. Apparently it is a cave tour. It is located next door to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch26515 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266
One of my favorite things to do in San Antonio. This is a drive-thru “safari” adventure. Basically you stay in your car and drive around a loop where there are different animals that roam freely in the area and are able to come up to your vehicle where you can feed them with food purchased when you enter the park. The food will go fast – lean towards buying more versus less. Some of the animals are not shy, just fyi. You can also get out and feed a giraffe in the beginning. Sometimes there is a long line. I’d suggest going on days when the animals are most likely up and around and have not reached their limit for interest in human interaction for the day. Located next door to Natural Bridge Caverns.

New Braunfels Tubing499 E Mill St, New Braunfels, TX 78130
For some, floating the river is a required Texas summer activity – as often as possible. If you’ve never done it, you must give it a try if you have the time. But expect to make it an all-day affair in order to relax and enjoy the flow. Plan accordingly in the Texas heat. For your first time, I’d recommend going with one of the established outfitters that will provide the tube and drop-off/pickup service. I’d also recommend taking a short float first to see how you like it. Although people bring very little children, I would not recommend it unless they are capable swimmers and will be able to get themselves out if they go under at one of the falls. This is generally a very lazy river, but there are a few spots where you can get dumped out. Wear shoes that will allow you to walk on rocks, gravel, and concrete. Purchase one of those waterproof pouches for keeping things attached to you that you don’t want to get wet or float away. You’ll want to bring drinks to keep hydrated.

Riverside Golf Course203 McDonald, San Antonio, TX 78210
I know nothing about golf, but this is a course that is close to downtown and I’m assuming it is not snooty. That being said, the area around it can be sketchy sometimes with people hungry for many different things. But if you need to get in a game without any fluff, might be worth checking out. I’d recommend checking out better courses for taking people you are trying to impress.

San Antonio Zoo3903 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212
I don’t generally support caging wild animals. But since it is here, I can say that I have visited and know there is a lot of money and work put into this zoo. It is very educational for kids and adults alike. Plenty to see. Please schedule accordingly in the summer heat as there is a lot of walking in order to see everything. Sometimes there are a lot of people here and there is a walk to the parking lots. Located near the other Broadway attractions and close to downtown and the Pearl.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark400 N Liberty Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130
A destination spot. You’ll want to plan to spend at least a day if you go here. It is basically a water amusement park. Tons of slides, tubing, etc. My favorite was the lazy river where you can just float through some of the park. But there are usually a ton of people here in peak season. So since I’m generally averse to crowds and lines, I never really go here. But you have to do it at least once if you’re going to say you’ve been to New Braunfels or end up staying in the area. Just research and plan your trip in order to get the best experience. Look into parking, food and drink options, lockers, shoes for walking the park, and preparing for the heat. This is a very popular spot for large groups.

SeaWorld San Antonio10500 Sea World Dr, San Antonio, TX 78251
In general, I’m not supportive of caging wild animals. That being said, this park offers a water park and is very popular. Expect lots of people in the park when the kids are out of school.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas17000 W I-10, San Antonio, TX 78257
An amusement park for kids and adults. I hate going here because I am very averse to crowds and lines. But if those things don’t put you off or you are willing to pay to skip the lines, then there is plenty to keep you entertained. I think they have a nightly fireworks show. They also have special setups for the park during Halloween and Christmas. Expect to walk a lot. Plan accordingly in the summer heat. Sometimes you end up parking so far away from the entrance that it might be worth the cost to get dropped off at the front by a rideshare company since you have to pay for parking if you bring your own vehicle. But sometimes you will also spend time waiting to drive into or out of the park. Located near La Cantera and The Rim.

Topgolf5539 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249
If you’ve never been to a Topgolf, it’s worth a trip at least once. You might start out hitting poorly, but once you get the hang of it then you’ll want to keep hitting. It’s basically a driving range on steroids. Meaning forget a bunch of old guys standing around. They have gamified the experience much like bowling alleys do. This is an entertainment zone good for date nights, hanging with friends, or getting groups together. There is food, drinks, an arcade, and many other things to keep the party going for awhile.

Zoo Train3903 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212
A train that winds through Brackenridge Park. For very young kids. Located near the Zoo, Broadway, and Pearl areas.

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