Dropping Gems #156

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

Antwoine Hill ft. Moe Grant – Can I Be Honest

ASHEZ X Gallium – Check It

FAST BOY & Topic – Forget You

Eliminate, Peekaboo – Quickness

J. Damur – Time And Space

Jewels – Love How I Love You

LaRussell, Dom Bailey – Mr. Perfect

ODEA ft. VAUX – Found You

ODESZA – Hopeful

Olivia Rodrigo – traitor

Contemplative Interbeing – Brene Brown -True belonging is the spiritual practice of…

Eshon Burgundy – America was a judgement for Yah’s ppl, not a blessing, & we served our time…”take off these cuffs”

Flagrant Clips – Ex-Dealer Explains How The Mexican Cartel Owns Border Security

Flex Seal – Damage… FLEXED!

The Korean Vegan – Are You Ready with Nemanja Golubović (@kalemyname)

Lighthouse Global – Brené Brown – Narcissism is not love based

mindsethub – Brene Brown – Clear is kind.

mindsethub – Brené Brown – Stay Brave.

Ministry of Sound – everyday mood

Richard Grannon – How To Heal From Narcissistic Parents?

Dropping Gems #74

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

Big Fil – I Won’t Let Go

Bitch – Another Wound

Bitch – Hateful Thoughts

Clean Bandit & Topic – Drive ft. Wes Nelson (Jonasu Remix)

Fatboy Slim – Praise You (Hello Yes Cover)

Godmode & RVPTR & Yunay – Blood

Nate G – Tex-Mex

Naúx – Comme Neo Dans Matrix

Reflect – Stand On That

Somatoast – Kokoa