It’s difficult. When you look around and it feels like water is seeping in and filling the boat. You start to panic. I do. But, God. Has been helping me for years now. To not focus on the storm. To instead steady myself and focus on Them. “Jesus, help me!” That’s all it takes.

His sheep hear His voice. They learn that there is nothing to really be afraid of. Although there is no condemnation in our feelings of fear.

And so this morning I had a thing. A big thing in terms of human strength. And last night wasn’t going the way I wanted. I couldn’t see how this would work out today.

But this morning I was awakened before 5:00 AM. And over and over God has shown me that when They wake me up like that, it’s time to get moving. Time to be ready. For something. For whatever They have in store for me. So it took a few minutes, but I finally launched myself out of bed and got moving. I didn’t feel like doing anything. But I just had this underlying sense that I needed to get everything ready and prepared. For whatever was going to happen.

So I showered and dressed. Did my hair. Loaded my clothes into the car. Cleaned up the bathrooms. Fed the cat. Threw the laundry into the washer. Set the thermostat. Etc. The whole time, after every task, I’d check my phone to see if the delivery I wanted to go out of town was ready and available. It wasn’t. Time and time again. I must have refreshed my screen thirty to forty times. And each time I felt like God was saying to me, “Don’t worry. Just keep doing what you need to do to get ready and prepared to go. Be diligent in that. But not with stress, not with fear.”

So I kept on. I had everything ready to go. And I did the very last thing. And then I checked my phone. And like clockwork – there it was. The delivery was ready to go. Not even a minute after I had finished everything I needed to do. I bid on it and won the bid as I loaded up the last of my stuff into the car. Able to take off immediately – as is required by the contract. But I wouldn’t have been able to bid on the delivery if I hadn’t already done everything I needed to do. I would have missed it if I wasn’t able to immediately step out the door and go.

And there was Spirit again. Calling my attention to all that happened. In these crazy times. When it feels like there is some new catastrophe every day. God keeps telling me: “Do not worry. Do not be afraid. Be patient. And be diligent in your patience. Not with anxiety. But purposefully. As if everything is going to work out. As if everything you want will happen. Just keep your eyes forward. Focus on the goal. Focus on Me, especially when you feel afraid.”

Hope that comforts somebody today. To just take all your fears to God. Let Spirit help you navigate the stormy waters. And do not be afraid. You will get to the other side. Just keep doing the things you would do if you were guaranteed the outcome you desire. As if what you want will happen. And talk to God to help you all along the way. To take just the next step. And then after that, another.

You are Loved. Fully. Completely. You have nothing to be afraid of. And if it doesn’t feel like that then ask Spirit if I am wrong. Ask Spirit to speak to you and tell you what your soul needs to hear.

As for me, back to business. 😊