Real People Too

“To share something is to risk losing it… if we hoard and hide what we love, we can still lose it. Only then we’re alone in the loss.” – From The Broccoli Tree Parable

Sometimes it seems like you do everything correctly with the best intentions but then things don’t seem to work out. Doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. Give me Your eyes, Jesus. 💙 Hope from You changes everything, changes the whole perspective. The whole view. #NeverGiveUp

Presence and Glory

March 4, 2018 sunset.

Heart-warming mind-blowing thought of the day: God spared no expense. To create us and then ensure that we would be with Him forever. That is love. Not ego. One thing you can count on.

All the rest of the details? Ask and you shall receive. Knock. Seek. Doors will be opened. You will find. And be found.

Presence has been the theme for me the past twenty-four hours. Knowledge is great. But not an end. All this studying is a path. To be in communion with our Creator. Worship as in participatory celebrating. Take your seat at the table. Experience and encounter God and His love for us. In truth. Christ in us. Our hope. His glory.