Serpents of Desire

When desire is yet to be satiated, it looks like a mountain. Just before you eat the chocolate macadamia fudge tort, you can’t imagine anything more delicious. But through the rear view mirror, desire gives a different appearance. Once you’ve finished off the last crumbs, the mountain is gone, and you see reality for what it really is: The tort tasted good for all of thirty seconds, and now you’ve got two hours ahead of you in the gym to work it off.

What Forgiveness is ‘NOT’

“Forgiving is tough. Excusing is easy. What a mistake it is to confuse forgiveness with being mushy, soft, gutless, and oh so understanding. When you and I excuse the behavior, what we’re really doing is trying to protect ourselves from admitting the pain that we really bear. And unfortunately I think we’ve been hurt in ways we’ve never visited cause we are scared to see what it would look like… We medicate when we don’t want to face stuff… Forgiveness is not turning the other cheek and acting as if nothing happened.”