Just Because

Finding silence is ok. I wait for you, Lord. All I need to know is I am with You and You are near. Like a very small child. Hold me and everything will be better. He does. All the time. I learn to listen. Circumstances put me in a place where I learn to listen. Where I can hear. Where life slows down to a crawl and quiets down to where it seems like I am aware of every breath. And He is good. It is my understanding that is incomplete. One day. As we are known. Until then… cleave. Unhindered by all that tells you it is unbecoming. And be embraced.


Sometimes it feels like the rain won’t ever end. Like the new day won’t ever begin. The journey seems so long. So far. But the sun rises every day whether we see it or not. Same with God. Even when we can’t see Him, it doesn’t mean He can’t see us. That we are not still safe in His heart. God, You are my safe harbor.