You Have to Decide

You have to decide that you want to live and be alive. I can’t do that for you. God knows I’ve already tried.

I can help. Those who know me know that. I am all for you. I want you to succeed. But I can’t choose for you. I can’t make you choose life.

You have to decide for yourself. You have to want it. Want more. Or at least take steps in that direction even if you don’t believe it right now.

You don’t have to feel like doing it. You just have to start taking the steps. The feelings will catch up eventually. Maybe not how you want it to happen. But something good will be there for you.

Make it a great day. In spite of. There is plenty, but make today better than yesterday. Do something. Anything.

You have the power to bring more happiness into your life. But you have to choose.

Will you do that today? Or will you keep sitting down? Demanding life conform to that same story you’ve been telling yourself for how long?

No condemnation, but you get to choose. What will it be? What will we make of tomorrow? Will you do at least one thing different? At least try? Or will you give me another million reasons for why you refuse to move and try something new?

What if God is for you? Does that make any difference? Honestly? Isn’t there still always hope if that is true?


For those that don’t remember or know, I am slowly creating a list of my favorite places in Texas. I want to finish it in the new year. Today, I worked on putting together a new section – a list of outdoor places and activities:

I have completed the initial outdoors section – which includes mainly places in San Antonio. I am going to continue to add some additional places to that list from Austin, Central Texas, and the Hill Country. Please feel free to comment if you think any additional entries should be added.

My Texas list also currently has sections for museums and a few different genres of food. I will continue to gradually update and add sections to it. The main landing page is here: