She finally did it.

I am posting a lot of my writings. They are in no particular order for now. Most of this is very old and from a long time ago.

I don’t even know why. I don’t even know what set it off. You’d think it would be something big enough that I’d remember. But, no; I have no idea.

Just that she was always thinking about fire. And one day she finally did it.

She was walking to the busses after the last class. And she lit something on fire and dropped it into a trash can in the cafeteria. She didn’t even turn to look back. She headed straight to the busses, got on, and went back to the house.

The next time she woke up, I think it was after classes the next day. She really wanted to light something on fire in the male restroom. That was the goal. But she wasn’t brave enough to go in and risk getting caught in the bathroom for males. So she went into one of the girls’ bathrooms and lit a paper towel on fire and put it in a trash can. Then she walked over to the other side of the administrative offices into a different hallway, went into a different girls’ restroom and lit another paper towel and put it in the trashcan in that restroom. Then she walked out to the busses and went home again.

She didn’t wake up again until announcements the next day in one of her classes.

I usually just kept my head down and tried to ignore everything and everyone. Be invisible. So I was so surprised by the special announcement. All I remember is someone on the TV saying there was someone trying to burn down the school. That’s when I woke up! I NEVER wanted to burn down the school and hurt anyone. That’s why I specifically put the paper towels in the trash cans.

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

  1. Al Green – Baby What’s Wrong With You
  2. J. Damur – Hidden Feelings
  3. Lizzy McAlpine – nobody likes a secret
  4. Manic Focus, AHEE – Bonkers (*Caution – video has rapidly flashing lights*)
  5. Midnight Oil – Nobody’s Child
  6. Midnight Oil – The Barka-Darling River
  7. Nef The Pharaoh – Still Shocked
  8. T.I. ft. Chris Brown – Get Back Up
  9. WurlD – Gucci
  10. WurlD – No Easy Love

Other content I’ve consumed.

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