They couldn’t take us down from the outside. We were adequately defended.

So they took us down from the inside. Or we took ourselves down. We did this to ourselves.

Unknowingly or not in the beginning. But for sure at some point we knew enough and kept going. Kept ignoring all the warning signs. And are still charging ahead.

There is no one in government, no celebrity, no organization, no law that can fix this.

No pill either. That’s probably the worst solution. As it is one of the biggest reasons we’re in this predicament. Chasing the illusion of relief through chemicals. Versus actually solving problems for real.

People complain about cartel violence and border problems but then almost everyone I know is financing the drug dealers by buying products. Insanely sticking to the story that drugs are fun when whole sections of cities are fully infiltrated by addicts who then steal and destroy what others work so hard for.

But yeah, sure, I’m the killjoy for suggesting maybe you might want to consider sobriety. At least in the interest of maybe those who can’t handle drugs like you claim you can. Even though your life probably indicates otherwise.

If there was no market for this shit, the dealers would be immediately put out of business. Same with alcohol. Whine and complain about drunk drivers, but as a culture there is so much pressure to partake. We all know alcohol is harmful to the body yet we keep financing these big corporations who don’t give a shit about all the people who die from using their products. As long as the executives can literally profit from our destruction.

But no, we don’t care about each other enough to hold each other accountable.

You know what would solve this country’s problems in probably less than a decade? Eliminate all the welfare programs.

They were initially helpful for widows and their children when soldiers were killed in war while defending our freedoms. The least we could do in those situations.

But now whole generations of lazy people, and yes I will stick to calling them lazy, are now satisfied with sucking on the teat of their neighbors indefinitely. Thinking it’s their God-given right to stay home and lounge around consuming media. On the backs of their neighbors.

And then having the audacity to complain that they’re not given enough.

Or complain that people don’t want to work anymore. When this is the example they are giving us. Sitting around complaining about politics when they aren’t doing a damn thing.

Fuck that shit. I am no longer supporting it. Pathetic.

The world needs each one of us to step up and clean up our space. Just our own space.

But no, we’d rather hand our power over to those who really hate us. We don’t want to take care of our own business. We’ll gladly sign ourselves and our relatives over to absolute slavery to people who hate us. Whose end goal is to demobilize us and strip us of all our resources.

But you’re okay with that. You’re satisfied as long as you still have your favorite pills, favorite pacifier of choice, favorite media to numb out on. As your world falls apart all around you.

Don’t we dare hold you accountable for your part in this, for your decisions.

Don’t we dare tolerate a truth teller. Don’t we dare allow the person to speak who might want to call attention to the whole damn house being on fire. As everyone ignores the flames. As the smoke slowly lulls all the life out of everyone.

I’m no longer concerned with you. And maybe that’s the best thing. If everyone stopped being so damn concerned about what anyone else is doing. And started focusing on their own business.

It will get that way. Either by choice now or by desperation if people insist on following this path until its logical end. Until there is nothing left. Until true hunger wakes them up. Until they no longer have the resources to waste on distracting themselves from the problems.

We can do this the easier way or the really hard way. And apparently times aren’t bad enough for most people right now. Apparently this is not most people’s bottom. Apparently they are gluttons for consequences.

As long as their fix is still out there. They’ll sacrifice everything. Even their children. All on the altar of complacency for self-soothing the wrong way.

Because they either don’t care or don’t have real hope.

I blame religion honestly. Because people have lost who and Whose they are. That’s the first thing. The only real hope for digging us out of this mess.

Theology is worthless bullshit if it doesn’t change anything for anyone. That’s why Jesus didn’t construct a new building for people to congregate in and to. Because real worship is how we treat each other.

And we’ll only do better when we first value ourselves.

But no, daily all across this land we volunteer to listen as religious leader after religious leader tells us that the story is we are no-good worthless fuckups. Whose only hope is magical deliverance from above.

No fucking wonder nobody does anything. Because they are told their whole life that they can’t. From birth people have seen fit to immobilize them through their minds first.

And these preachers profit off this shit. Yes, let’s not forget that not only are you sending your kids to Sunday school in order to indoctrinate them with how bad and worthless they are. But you’re also paying people to tell your kids this. Because you believe it that much for yourself.

And then we wonder why everyone is sitting around and taking abuse. Why nobody is doing anything.

Look at the people you give your power to. Do their lives warrant the trust you blindly give them based solely on their position?! Are they the highest and best we can expect from humanity?

Or were they taught this dog and pony show from those who went before them?

Could you possibly consider that it’s in their best interest to keep you scared and coming back to them for the answers? That they’d actually have to go work and be a good person in order to have relationships if they weren’t profiting off constantly keeping you in fear?

And are you idly sitting by, financing their gluttony through your inaction? Even helping them fleece you?

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

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  2. Gramatik – Re:Coil Deluxe (Full Album Stream)
  3. Gramatik & Eric Krasno – Recovery
  4. Gramatik ft. Adrian Lau & ProbCause – Satoshi Nakamoto (Instrumental)
  5. MEMBA ft. Levus Alone – Meet Freedom
  6. MEMBA x LissA – Who I am
  7. MEMBA – XiLLA!
  8. Murs ft. James Blunt – Everything (Gramatik Remix)
  9. Plies ft. Tank – You
  10. Tanya Tucker – If It Don’t Come Easy

Other content I’ve consumed. Eat the meat, spit out the bones.

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