Dropping Gems #181

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

  1. Alok & Solardo – Over Again
  2. Bizzle ft. Dee-1 – I Go
  3. Ghetto Twiinz – Responsibility
  4. Jack Harlow – Ambitious
  5. Karis Bailey – TV
  6. Ombre2Choc Nation – Suicidal (Remix) [*No, I’m not suicidal; it’s just a song.*]
  7. Russ – NASTY (Instrumental)
  8. Shootergang Kony, Link+Up – Bounce Out
  9. Welshly Arms – I Surrender
  10. Young M.A – OOOUUU

Other content I’ve consumed. Eat the meat, spit out the bones.

  1. Boys you need to avoid at church!
  2. GIRL, GET UP! – How To Transform SELF-SABOTAGE Into Self Improvement! | Najwa Zebian
  3. How To Start DAY TRADING – Becoming A Trader IN 30 DAYS
  4. LET THEM GO – Madea’s Life Changing Speech
  5. Millennial International: Sponsor a Millennial Today
  6. Narcissistic Abuse | 5 Tips To Escape
  7. Toxic parents expect children to be amazing without giving them any help.
  8. Us vs the doubt
  9. When They Come in 2 Minutes Before Closing
  10. You’re not crazy, you’re gifted!

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