Dropping Gems #172

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

  1. Diplo ft. Lily Rose – Sad in the Summer
  2. DJ JEDY – Oriental tale
  3. Housenick – I Keep On
  4. Jack Harlow – It Can’t Be
  5. Labrinth – Power Couple
  6. MEMBA ft. Chitralekha Sen – JIYO
  7. R-Mean – Overnight
  8. R-Mean & Scott Storch ft. Haben – H.O.P.E.
  9. R-Mean & Scott Storch – Triumph
  10. Russ – NASTY (Alternative Ending)

Other content I’ve consumed:

  1. American Sleeper Cells During the Cold War
  2. CIA Spy Explains Why The US is Involved in The Russia/Ukraine War
  3. Crossing the Mexican Border
  4. Did the previous owner show me their P&L?
  5. How I got my first Job on Wall Street
  6. How to render tallow from deer
  7. I’ve never told this story before…
  8. The Real Truth About Bill Gates
  9. This end of life phenomenon can not be medically explained
  10. Wozniak prints his own money?!

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