Dropping Gems #171

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

  1. Dqfly – Gila County Jail / Tank Davis
  2. Ethan Bortnick – engravings
  3. Josh Teed & IZZI – Memories of A Past Life
  4. Miriam Solis – Tata Dios
  5. Pháo – 2 Phút Hơn (KAIZ Remix) [Squid Kids Remix]
  6. Skeler – Contracts
  7. Soul II Soul – Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)
  8. Sub Focus ft. AR/CO – Vibration (One More Time)
  9. Tia Ray – Ready For Love (我爱)
  10. Vicente Fernández – Para Siempre

Other content I’ve consumed:

  1. Chinese mom interviews boyfriend
  2. Data Scientist in Denver, CO
  3. How Ochocinco Tested His Girlfriend
  4. How To Stop Feeling Like Such A Failure | Alex Hormozi
  5. My deceased patient saved my life
  6. Ranch Carrots
  7. The One Thing Business Conferences Won’t Teach You
  8. What different nursing specialty listen to in their car on the way to work
  9. Where my lint traps are located in the laundromat
  10. Why Indian Immigrants Become Rich and Raise Successful Kids

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