Dropping Gems #170

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

  1. Bingo Players x Goshfather – Be Mine
  2. Daspa – Right For Me (Anton Pavlovsky Remix)
  3. Drake – Make Me Proud (No Nicki Minaj)
  4. Kelsey Lamb – In Between Time
  5. LaRussell – F*** The Industry Freestyle (Live in Sacramento Harlows)
  6. Las Gemelas Navarrete – No Sigas Llorando
  7. Silent Child, DREAMERS – IDFLU
  8. Spiritual Tony – Grateful For It All
  9. The Presidents of the United States of America – Kitty
  10. Z.Z. Hill – Who You Been Giving It To

Other content I’ve consumed:

  1. A Near-Death Experience From This Week Working as a Hospice Nurse
  2. Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell
  3. He literally grows a garden to feed me!
  4. How to Avoid a Car Search When Pulled Over!
  5. How to get over the fear of failure
  6. How To Spot The GIANT Red Flags You Are Being USED & He Just Wants You For Sex | Stephan Speaks
  7. New York monthly parking cost vs. Seoul, South Korea
  8. When The Suspect Is Smarter Than The Detective
  9. Who should pay on the first date and men who refuse to pay
  10. Your Thoughts Shape Your Worls

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