Round & Round

For some people it’s marriage. Others, children. Sometimes friends, social acquaintances, or neighbors.

Or like me, sometimes non-human challenges. Like career development or physical fitness.

All used to drive us towards healing we would otherwise prefer to avoid.

Let’s take business for example. It exposes every single little weak spot in you. Not for shame. Although many can get stuck there.

But no, quite the opposite. These roadblocks are like weights in the gym. To make you stronger. To make your business stronger. You need the changes they are driving you towards.

Some people give up. Maybe too quickly. They somehow think that from womb to grave they should miraculously be able to do everything perfectly. And they take their failures to heart. They are too attached to their ego. They refuse to admit their wrongs. Or make them right.

Then they get stuck. Either terminally on pause. Or in an endless cycle of repeatedly running into opportunities for growth and turning them down. Probably genuinely surprised each time. That yet again they are in the same situation.

Sure, others might be involved. Others might even be the source of pain. But this is about YOU. What are they in your life to help you face?

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