Dropping Gems #162

Music I’m listening to, discovered, or rediscovered.

Brian Dunne – Optimist

corook – CGI

GATTÜSO & Navos – Feel Your Love

Harry Styles – Music For a Sushi Restaurant

JP Saxe – I Don’t Miss You

Letherette – Woop Baby [Wulf]

Masego – Who Cares Anyway




Brandon Mulrenin – I wish someone told me this when I started in sales

Capitalset – How David Goggins Lost 100 Lbs In 3 Months

Chris Williamson – The 3 Most Common Traits Of All High Performers | Alex Hormozi

Hustlers N The Hood – Don’t Let Them Rush Your Process

Hustlers N The Hood – Women With Good Energy Are The Prettiest

Love Unrelenting – An Interpretation of the Rich Man and Lazarus – James Hollandsworth

School Of Hard Knocks Clips – Asking Commercial Real Estate Broker Career Advice

The Charlie Chang Show – Asking millionaires how to get into commercial real estate

The Nichols&Dimez Show – Mastering the Art of Focus

thruhikers – 978 hours of exercise in 106 consecutive days.

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