Worlds Away

There are some things that I speak on with a lot of confidence. This is not that at all. This one is just for fun.

Before, back when I was in the depths of religion, I would have immediately scoffed at the consideration of past lives and reincarnation. But since so much has already changed for me, I’m now not so quick to dismiss myriads of unknown possibilities.

All to say I recently had a thought that I found incredibly fascinating to contemplate: what if our dreams are windows into other lives our soul has lived or is living? 🤯

I wish I could remember how my thought process got there. As that might be helpful. But since I don’t, forgive me for not being able to provide any context. Just realize that I am well aware of how “crazy” the idea sounds. Remember, talking about it is just for fun. Not any hill I’m interested in dying on.

But it was amusing to consider. Especially after learning about the observer effect in the quantum physics double slit experiments. So many questions come to mind.

Like, what if you can “teleport” to another life through your dreams. I fully realize that I am aware of zero evidence for this possibility, but in the spirit of being fun to think about… what if that’s a gateway?

I never would have considered this before. But lately there have been multiple people in my life that seem to be totally different than when I first met them. I mean doing things now that they would have never done before.

And maybe the explanation is that our cells regenerate so often that the person I see today literally is not the same physical person I first met. That’s one consideration.

But there seems to be something more. Unless memories are lost in the cell regeneration process. Because these people don’t even seem to remember the person they once were. It’s really unsettling for me. Like something for sure has changed. Is it them or is it me?

I’m a firm believer that we encounter the people we need. Or the people that need us. So maybe our eyes have now been opened to who they really were the whole time. Because we don’t need them now like we used to before. Or vice versa. That could be one explanation.

But someone I was talking with this about seems to believe that when this dramatic change happens in someone then that person most likely had a brush with death. And some part of them then left. Forever gone in this current time. Off somewhere else. And another different spirit is now occupying their body.

But would that spirit have access to enough of the original person’s knowledge and memories in order to still somewhat pass as the same being? Are those things encoded in the physical body? While the heart belongs to whoever is now gone? Is that an explanation for why people can change so drastically?

Let me be very clear: I do not know. And on some level I don’t care. Certainly not enough to fight about it at all. But I enjoy the mental masturbation of pondering these things. Especially just to see if there is something useful for us right now in whatever the truth is.

And so I wonder, maybe our experience is one where we are living multiple lives simultaneously? In other times. That maybe we get a glimpse of when we dream? Maybe some of those dreams feel so real because they actually are real. Somewhere else.

I now see it all through the lens of healing. So in that way it makes some sense to me. Like if God doesn’t let me bypass my healing in the present, then what makes me think Trinity will let me bypass my healing eternally?

That’s a big reason I face this shit now. All this shit. Because I don’t want to have to come back and do any of this healing work over again. Either in this life or any others hereafter. I am completely sick of process. I don’t want to drag any of this stretching and growing out any longer than is absolutely needed. Like those Israelites in the desert: forty years for a ten-day journey. No thank you! I have already done enough time! Let’s get moving onto whatever is my Promised Land!!

A part of me wonders if all those brushes with death that I’ve had, maybe in another life, multiple lives, I really did die? But each time my soul was catapulted to another time. To live more of my journey out. Our collective journey when you really think about it.

Maybe there are people I left behind. Maybe there is a different spirit in some body others still experience me as. Maybe they are wondering the same thing about me that I am wondering about others.

Again, I don’t know. But I find it amusing to consider.

I’m reminded of my nightmares. The ones that tormented me from childhood. How they went away once I healed. Another argument for so many related things.

But specifically maybe souls can psychically die when faced with being traumatized? And maybe those repeated assaults resonate deeply throughout the versions of ourselves that operate across existence? Like when kids say they left their body and from above saw themselves being brutalized. Maybe that’s actually more true than we realize. The soul’s way of staying alive.

And maybe since we’re not our bodies, maybe our soul is strong enough to survive those assaults in the same bodies or with the same people? For however long it takes to get to whatever the next level of healing is for them, or for ourselves, or for the collective us?

I am NOT condoning abuse! At all! Or ever excusing it!

Just find it interesting that some things that happened to me, on some level I have no emotion about. Although my body clearly remembers. And constantly asks me for care to mend the damage that was done. But on some level it feels like it happened to another version of me. Somewhere else.

And yet as I heal, I feel more of a fuller complete person. More integrated. Across all times.

So is the goal for humanity to eventually reach that point collectively? Where not only do we become whole in our individual selves? But whole together? Completely in alignment. Clearly at some point in a very distant future?

And then it makes sense that whatever I do to you is ultimately something that I am doing to myself. Is ultimately why we are where we are. Because we incorrectly see ourselves as separated?

I mean this whole time we’ve been preaching Trinity as three distinct essences in One. So, hmmm?

And yet here I am. With laundry to do. And bills to pay. On my own. That isn’t going to get done magically by someone else. Anytime soon. 😊

So interesting. This human experience. God only knows. Literally.

And although at times I thoroughly enjoy pondering these things, I have no desire to get lost in them. Or worry myself with overthinking. I’m pretty sure that’s not the point at all.

So I do what kids do when they have parents they implicitly trust: embrace the moment with my best. And trust the outcome, either way, to Love that brought me into this endlessly interesting experience of existence. 😊 Wherever I am. And wherever it takes me.

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