Wish I Knew

The dreams of you always catch me off guard. I’ll go weeks trying to move on. And then out of nowhere. On a random morning. There you are coming back to mind. I always wonder if that means you are thinking of me. It’s too painful anymore to hope. But it would be so nice if so.

Doubly difficult because I dreamt of you before we ever really knew each other. And my dream came true then. So does that mean these dreams will also? Ugh, I wish I knew.

And oddly, the dreams come to me like a story. Each one evolving in a way from the last. And better. Which is only harder for my heart. That wants to hope so badly.

Each time there is more peace between us. And individually in us.

Each time you are here for me a little more. This time you told me what you needed from me. Which I so appreciate. Thankfully I did the right things in the dream after that.

I hope one day my dreams will come true. I hope one day I won’t need to dream of you because you’ll be coming to get me.

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