I have been wrestling with God about taking time off from work to write a specific piece. I have resisted and resisted and resisted for about three to four weeks. Going through all the reasons why it doesn’t make sense.

But like God, of course He backs me up into a corner this morning. And I was exhausted. So I said, “Fine.” But with one caveat. Because I have been so disheartened about following “signs”. Or trusting my feelings. Or even thinking I know or can figure out anything.

So I challenged God. Because I am His kid. Just a kid. And He’s not mad at me. God Loves me. Abundantly.

So I said, “Fine, God. If You are really the One who wants me to finish this particular piece, then give me a room to stay tonight at my favorite hotel in Texas.”

Because the hotel had been marked as sold out on the website for at least two days. And it is usually sold out. And even if isn’t sold out, they usually jack up the rates so high that it doesn’t even make sense to stay there.

So I kept checking the website all day until an hour ago. Still sold out online.

But at the last minute before I was going to book somewhere else, I called. And even though the website said it was sold out, the front desk clerk told me that I could book a room.

On top of that, the room price was maybe the lowest I’ve ever paid for this hotel. And certainly lower than all the other options I would have had to consider if this one had not been available. Like as in the price they gave me was much lower than what was listed online.

On top of all that, I usually ask for a top floor room due to anxiety from having a peeping tom when I was younger. But this time I was so happy to have a room here that I even forgot to ask for a specific floor. But even though I haven’t stayed in this hotel in months, and even though the front desk clerk has seen hundreds of people since I last stayed there, he said, “You’re the one that likes to stay on the top floor, right?” And he gave me their last room on the top floor.

Ok, God. I challenged You. And You came through. Finish the writing it is. But I can’t do it without You. I pray for what I need to do it. Thank You for showing off for me yet again!

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