Not Nearly Enough

I’m literally done. If people wanted to then they would.

Sometimes I have the opportunity to interact with millionaires. Who manage to treat me with respect when others make me feel like my standards and boundaries are unreasonable.

These people with real money and real businesses make me realize that asking for basic human respect is the bare minimum.

They treat me so well that they make me realize I’ve gone my whole damn life unnecessarily entertaining so much foolishness in the name of “love”.

They treat me so well that they make me realize my whole life people have been gaslighting me into asking for less than not nearly enough.

These millionaires are pleasant, kind, and polite. They don’t waste my time. They are ready to do business and not bullshitting around on every little damn petty ass thing.

I had one of them – who owns multiple properties in at least four States – offer to change his whole flight for me. Just so he could do business with me.

He sees my value. And I’m tired of dealing with people who don’t.

I’m not the best, but I don’t deserve most of the s*** people throw my way. I don’t f*** with people. And if they don’t value that, then their absence in my life is their loss, not mine.

I am hereby only loyal to love.

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