Well, at least I was able to pull over safely.
At least I didn’t get hit while on the side of the highway.
At least I signed up for roadside assistance this week.
At least the tow was free.
At least they were able to tow it to the repair shop that services my fleet vehicle.
At least the tow truck driver was nice.
At least my friend lives right down the street from the repair shop.
At least she welcomed me in for the night.
At least I had my contact lenses case with me.
At least she had some contact lens solution.
And many more things to be grateful for.

But this is not how I intended or wanted my night to go. Few hours of sleep and we’ll see what the new day brings. Always an adventure.

I’m the Never Give Up grrrl, but times like these… man. I know I am Loved. And I know I don’t have to do anything. I know this isn’t punishment. But I’m so tired. Could really use some real relief.

Until then, sing it with me: “Dame la fuerza para vivir un dia a la vez…”

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