Having a difficult time finishing this book. Made all the posts about it Private this morning. Then like always when this has happened before, God brings someone I don’t even know, the conversation flows, the subject comes up, and it gives me another push. To take the next step.

Siiiiiigh. So I made the posts public again. I am such a private person, believe it or not. So this has been a huge challenge.
But I know the only hope for us is to get back in touch with the truth of our being. That’s the only reason I do this. Hoping somehow some seed I’ve planted will produce some something bigger than me just playing small in unrealistic attempts to stay “safe”.

So, thank you for your patience if you’ve been following this journey. This last part is the most difficult. Feels like trying to finish a marathon or push out a baby. 😊 Hoping I can finish soon.

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