Some people spend a lot of their time earning enough money to run away from a life they have built for themselves. What if it is possible to spend time building a life we love? That we’re happy to be at home in? That we aren’t always dreaming about leaving, running away from, and being somewhere else?

How often do you go sit in the church pews? To listen to how much God believes in you? Or how lucky you are that a god hasn’t killed you because of all your missteps and desires?

What if all those desires aren’t something to moralize? What if they keep surfacing as guides in service to your healing? Not to necessarily be followed blindly, but at least seriously considered. Valued for what information they provide. If you dare to take an honest look.

What could they be telling you about yourself? About those around you?

And the million dollar question, what if there actually IS better out there for you? What if God wants more for you than you’ve tried so hard to settle for? What if that is one of the major themes passed down through scriptures?

What if we were not loved enough by those that could have done better? What if we didn’t even realize how bad we had it? How much better it could be? When we no longer keep drowning ourselves in fear-obsessed indoctrination.

Doesn’t your heart yearn? Doesn’t it know better?

I believe in a good God. A better God than the one I was taught about ad nauseam for years, decades.

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