Value Yourself

If you were JUST a stay at home mom:

Your work never ends.
You are on call 24x7x365x18 at least.

That’s 168 hours of work per week.
Which is 128 hours of overtime every week.

At the Federal Minimum Wage rate of $7.25 per hour, with time and a half for overtime, that equates to:
40 x $7.25 = $290
128 x $10.875 = $1,392
$290 + $1,392 = $1,682 per week.
$1,682 x 52 = $87,464 per year.
$87,464 x 18 = $1,574,352 over 18 years.

Doing just minimum wage work.
And I bet you do better work than that.
Much more value for your time.

So choose people who value you and your children accordingly.

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