One time a long, long time ago when I used to drive a taxi for Yellow Cab, I would run into so many crazy people. And multiple times people introduced themselves as the devil or satan. But one time keeps coming back to mind today. So I thought I’d share.

My theory ever since I was a kid working nights at the Diamond Shamrock off Lake Road and Main Street in Belton was that I was going to try to be as friendly as possible in order to hopefully make it harder for someone to hurt me. And I carried that theory over to the taxi.

This was pre-app days when people had to physically call in a cab request or flag a cab down on the streets. So there was little to no security in place and the “bad guys” took advantage of that. It still is dangerous now, but it was much more so back then. I unfortunately have many stories to attest to that. This one particular night was no different.

So I pulled up to the pickup location and the guy gets coldly gets in. I.e. I can tell right off the bat that he isn’t seeing me as the person I am. Which is already nerve-racking because it means they have already dehumanized you. So I was on guard but as per usual attempting to do my best to make it harder for him to hurt me.

So I introduced myself in a more jovial manner than you’d otherwise ever see me: “Hi, I’m Sarah. What’s your name?”


Ooooooookay, I guess it’s game on then. This wasn’t my first rodeo. But this was back when I gave more power to darkness than it probably deserved. In the sense that I used to believe some things were eternally unredeemable. And as you can imagine, I was more easily scared by any talk like this. It was much more of a palpable experience for me. So my initial reaction was like, “Oh shit, what the hell is about to go down?”

But this was several years into my healing. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually. And I had been having a good night up until that point. And honestly, I was so tired of people doing this kind of shit to me. So tired of people trying to push me around and intimidate me. And this lit an anger in me. Way more than I expected. Way easier than I expected. And that anger came from a righteousness place and emboldened me. Like, “Hell no, bitch. You ain’t gonna ruin my damn night. I’m out here fucking working my ass off trying to be decent human being to everyone and bring a little fucking peace into people’s lives. And so, no. This is not how this shit is going to go down tonight.”

That’s how I felt. But I didn’t dare say it. Instead, a more primal part of me took over my normal over-thinking part. And just jumped into action. I was surprised by my own boldness as I immediately countered back to this man, clearly and loudly, “Ok, but I’m on Jesus’ side.”

And then I thought in my mind, “Game on muthafucker. You wanna start shit with God, let’s go then.” And I proceeded to talk non-stop about Jesus. My goal was to fit Jesus into each sentence as many times as possible. Like, I’m chill; even back then I wasn’t trying to unorganically bring up my faith in conversation really. But you went there, bitch. So, let’s go. More mad at him trying to scare me than anything.

Well, we weren’t five minutes down the street. Me going on and on about Jesus. Him actually not able to even get a word in to respond with anything. When all of a sudden, he loudly yells at me, “Stop the car! Stop the car! I’m going to get out here.”

Me, still emboldened, “Are you sure? Are you sure you don’t want to take me to your destination?” As we hadn’t made any real progress in that direction.

“Yes, yes! Stop. Let me out!”

So of course I’m not going to fight him. Happy to get rid of this guy. So I pulled over into the Jim’s parking lot on Perrin Beitel and 410. Didn’t even pull into a space and he already was opening the van door like he was ready to jump out and roll.

As he was flinging himself outta there, I said, “Do you want me to pray for you?”

And this part was kinda creepy: he yelled back very low and loudly with kind of a growl, “NO! Me and Jeaus have a deal!”

Then he slammed the door and started walking off into the night.

Lesson #1: do anything to avoid being a taxi driver. I had my reasons, and I needed it to heal. But I definitely don’t recommend it for 99% of people.

Lesson #2: And I feel like someone out there reading my writing and probably never letting me know they are reading needs to hear this right now: resist the devil and he will flee from you.

You are giving him too much power. They only come for you because they see the Power in you much more than you have ever seen in yourself. You scare them. You always have. They believe in you far more than you have ever believed in yourself. That’s why they work so hard to keep you down. To keep you under their influence. To control you. Because they know you are so much more better than them.

They don’t get it; they can’t see how they could ever be on your level. They really hate you and are jealous of you. And have never wanted to give you a moment of rest to be able to think for yourself and see them for who they really are. And more importantly see yourself for who you really are. How Loved you truly are. How much good you would spread in the world if you let yourself fully fly free.

They can’t see a world where they let you go and you still love and choose them. They probably won’t ever make that choice on their own volition barring some miracle. And maybe God will do that. But this moment isn’t about them. It’s about you. You knowing, experiencing how much God Loves you. Regardless of what you choose. Now or even way back then.

Because true Love isn’t conditional or based on how you perform. True Love comes because One IS Loving. Point blank period. Not because you do or don’t press the “love” “button”.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. In my case, so quickly. Almost comically. Like, “That’s all you got?” I’m not God. I can’t give you the wisdom you need. And saying this will make me a target, but if you knew my life you’d understand why I’m willing to take the risk of saying all this comes mainly from their insecurities. Their fears. And sometimes their bark is louder than their bite.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

So many people love you.

We already know. We have been waiting for you to wake up. Many people already suspect. They aren’t fooled. Just quiet. When you give yourself permission, you’ll also set them free.

But you need to hear from God. Be honest. Ask Spirit to speak to you in a way you can be sure that you hear correctly.

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