Since y’all want so badly to go to hell, I’m going to stop trying to keep you from going there. Just trampled and spit on every time I try to “save” you.

Maybe I’ve had it wrong all this time. Maybe I should have let you be from the jump. Maybe trying to save you from the consequences of your choices was actually hindering you from your healing; not helping. Extending the time it will take. To bring you back – what I’ve wanted all along.

We don’t want to say “no” to people we love. It feels so unnatural. We don’t want to turn our backs and go on without them. It feels like part of your heart is being ripped away in the process. But do we trust how much Trinity loves them? How hard it is for us should be proof of how much more God loves them. We are created in Their image.

I want to be whole with you all. But what if this is better? Where there becomes healthier coexisting versus gnawing codependency.

I feel like God keeps showing me that I can be patient. That no matter how bad it looks, I will get through on time. Even though it doesn’t feel that way. Even though it feels like we are way far behind.

Don’t rush the process. But even if I insist on running myself in circles, we’ll still get there. Because this is God who loves us so much.

It’s hard to feel like the bad guy. To keep your mind about you when everything feels like it’s telling you otherwise. When the other rages when we won’t give in. Maybe like we used to all this time.

You can’t do it very long on your own. This is bigger than all of us. Ask for Help.

We want to be liked. Instead of doing what is right. What is better and best. Because it is a fight. A knock down drag out fight. Not safe. Very personal. Only a vision of something more beautiful and true hope will get you through it. The persecution you’ll receive is very real. The coldness. The loneliness.

Even in this we can look to Jesus. How He loved us enough to tell us no. For what lay before Him. Not our destruction.

We do not want this way. How many times have we tried to avoid this way. But you insist. On hell. On the hard way.

I guess we can find comfort that only the unhelpful will be burned away. That Trinity refines versus destroys. That only the good is being preserved.

I wish y’all would join me at the table. I look forward to the day. To celebrating. This time genuinely. This time without reservation.

Our hearts yearn for what is authentic and real. Will you risk what you settled for in order to get more? Do you trust Love that much? Unfortunately you can’t know without doing.

I hope you’ll choose Life. I hope you’ll join me. I live in such a way as to hopefully be a constant invitation. That there isn’t anything to be afraid of. That the work is worth it. Any frankly nothing else will suffice.

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