Called My Bluff

The strange saga continues. Two of the dudes called my bluff, the 41-year old and the 37-year old. The 41-year old actually called my brother for his approval yesterday. 🤦🙄😳 (Didn’t get it.)

And then today I met a 42-year-old woman who completely unsolicited tells me out of nowhere that she is dating a 26-year-old. ?!?! And that her last relationship was with a 24-year-old. So strange the coincidence of the timing.

Talked to my brother for four hours yesterday to devise a better response than sending dudes to him. 😂 Suggestions appreciated. But we decided the first step is to be around different people in different environments.

Also, another odd timing thing: I met an elderly lady this morning who completely unsolicited told me not to be nice. 😅

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