What in the literal hell?! I was just sitting in a corner of the waiting room at Goodyear. Literally facing away from everyone. And some dude walks right over to me and says:



“Are you from Mexico?”

🤨 “No, the U.S.”

“Oh. What is your name? Are you single? How old are you?”


This one was 37.

And was doing business with two younger men yesterday. Gave them my business cards. One connected with me on social media. Totally married. But still hit me up today to meet – not for business. ?!?!

Then last week it was a man who is 26?!?! And about two weeks before that a 24-year-old?!?!

What in the hell is happening?!?! How am I all of a sudden getting hardcore pursued by younger men!?!? This is so crazy.

Btw, the ol “you have to talk to my uncle and brother before we can talk anymore” is literally the ONLY thing that gets them to back off.

And just for the record, I hope I don’t have to take this back, but I am NOT attracted to younger people AT ALL. Only person I ever dated that was younger than me was six months younger. Almost everyone else was 10-15 years older.

Go figure when I am not trying AT ALL. Lol. This is apparently what I need to look like to get attention. 🤣

Quote from a fantastic conversation with my brother: “The lack of negative does NOT equal positive.”

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