Brad Jersak – A More Christlike Word – My Reflections #11

I am reading A More Christlike Word by Brad Jersak as part of a study group I am attending. I am going to be sharing some of my reflections as I read the book. Here is my eleventh reflection:

I think one of the reasons I so clearly see what Brad is trying to say in this book is that I am also a writer. I understand that sometimes things come to me that are way beyond me. I know sometimes God gives me wisdom that didn’t originate out of me. And yet other times it is clearly only me speaking.

And I also know that when I go to write a book, I am writing for a particular purpose. And a very small audience. I am not thinking of the people who will be reading my writings thousands of years from now.

And when I write, I leave way more out than I include. That is the nature of the beast. As was said, if all the things Jesus did were recorded then the whole world would not be big enough to contain the books.

So my writing is an invitation more than a destination or a definition. I don’t pretend to answer all the questions. In fact, sometimes I leave the answers out on purpose with a greater goal in mind.

So it’s not hard for me to see the Bible the same way. It’s not hard for me to understand the years of translations. The decisions of the editors. Etc.

Once I see Jesus as the Word of God, versus the Bible as the Word of God, then this book doesn’t scare me anymore. Then I can look at it from all different angles. And ask God what Trinity wants me to learn today. My faith no longer rests on whether this book and its translations are 100% correct. My faith is now fully rests on God alone. And that holds up. To whatever gets thrown at it.

Much more security and peace of mind.

But if your theology demands that you don’t even think God likes you, much less loves you, then of course you’d think that is nonsense. Of course you’d have to spend your days trying to appease some perpetually angry deity.

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