So yesterday I proposed an alternative course of action for the job I was interviewing for.

At least three of you didn’t like the sound of the guy I was interviewing with. To be honest, my first impression wasn’t good either. But I was trying to keep an open mind.

Well, he called me in response to my email. And his number came across as “butthead”. Have no idea what that is about. I didn’t save him in my phone like that. All I could think is he probably did something that really made someone mad.

All to say, he nixed my idea on account or not having the budget for the position I was proposing. After telling me that the funding for this new project is literally a BILLION dollars. So I at least internally call b.s. on that explanation.

So yeah, everything appears dead in the water right now. At least as far as this position goes.

As usual, he suggested that I go into property management versus sales. The place women get pressured to go into all the time.

And then proceeded to man-splain to me what property management is for ten minutes even though I have a dang degree and experience in real estate management.

So anyway, maybe it is for the best.

Thanks for prayers anyway.


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