This is the epitome of my life:

Staying at a hotel that is most likely fully booked. Four stories. Conservatively 130 rooms. Most likely more. So that’s at least 130 people here. Most likely more like over 200 when factoring multiple people per room and employees.

So I keep hearing this banging sound at random intervals over several hours. Once it got dark outside, I figured out it wasn’t just nearby construction noise.

So I finally got up twice to investigate. My hypothesis was correct: the door to the huge garbage container for the hotel was not secured and was banging against the trash can whenever the wind caught it.

Now this was a HUGE bang!! Could probably hear it down the street each time. It sounded like a giant GONG everytime it hit.

So tell me WHY am I the only one in the entire hotel who takes the initiative to go down all four stories and walk out and secure the door so it won’t bang into the trash can?!?!

There were literally multiple men hanging outside by their trucks and the hotel entrance just a few feet from the trash can.

And I know the people closer to the can heard it much louder than I did.

And what about the employees? None of them went out there and fixed it.

Just makes me wonder. Sometimes I get so irritated by things like this. Blows my mind that noone else does anything. Like, ?!

Have many thoughts about what this says about me and others.

Makes me think that there are two kinds of people in life: those that change the smoke detector low battery indicator IMMEDIATELY and those that don’t. I soooooooooo do not understand those of you that fall in the latter category. We are NOT the same. 😂

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