Favorite Cakes

A list of my favorite Cake songs.

Friend Is a Four Letter Word – https://youtu.be/Fc3UHoIWkcc

Haze of Love – https://youtu.be/0wcAbfx8_yA

I Will Survive – https://youtu.be/f9rCUQjmkxU

Is This Love? – https://youtu.be/kRZ2zmpEul0

Italian Leather Sofa – https://youtu.be/rsApiGTjjEk

Long Line of Cars – https://youtu.be/4fwm5hZLqmk

Never There – https://youtu.be/VhGp8Id0HRU

No Phone – https://youtu.be/OBn3d46SR4c

Nugget – https://youtu.be/ov3Lh_ELdkI

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps – https://youtu.be/6gIOVuQ-00g

Race Car Ya-Yas – https://youtu.be/pyY12mEg7Rw

Sad Songs and Waltzes – https://youtu.be/EUWbcm19OYo

She’ll Come Back To Me – https://youtu.be/Qs15pNP69HM

Short Skirt / Long Jacket – https://youtu.be/85zV1fpSJQ0

Stickshifts & Safetybelts – https://youtu.be/GQANg8OnIE4

The Distance – https://youtu.be/F_HoMkkRHv8

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