Where Are You?

What you think you have to do? What is going to occur to you?

Leave thinking that Love has not accepted you.

Cleave to what Love showed us: no matter how much we can throw at Love, no matter how many punches, no matter how many thorns, no matter how many rips of the whip, no matter how many nails, or how many swords, no matter if we all turn our backs away – Love does not retaliate against us. Love is not the least bit intimidated by our blindness, deafness, and hardness of hearts.

Love is not even offended. As Love needs no validation from us for an ego.

Since Love is complete and perfect, there is nothing Love needs from us.

So vast are the beautiful mysteries that scientists still have universes of questions after how many millennia? The more we know, the more discoveries remain. Is this Love in need of anything from us?

If you haven’t noticed yet, this world doesn’t revolve around us. I’m also sometimes guilty, but thinking so is a maniacal level of insane audacity. To think Love depends on us. When we are dependent on every breath of air to even have time to consider such a statement. We do not manufacture much in our existence. All the factors alone to sustain our physical survival.

Endless majestic sunrises and sunsets just for the hell of it? Dogs and cats that make us constantly laugh. Birds that can mimic us. Foliage and other natural theatrics that can arrest our senses. Just for the hell of it?

Or is our environment constantly calling to us? To believe. To see. How beautiful Love is for us!

And yet we dismiss it.

Love is the final Word on the subject. The complete Word.

Do we let the stories define who Love is? Or do we let Love define the stories? What lens are we reading through? I believe if we are reading any story through anything other than how Love showed up for us, then we are missing the point. I say that lovingly as I spent the large majority of my life in that space.

Do we start with Love, perfect Love, – and that we are very good?

Or do we insist on basing our story on fear?

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