We tend to think of rejection as someone telling us that we are not enough. But I think many times the opposite is true. Many times rejection is actually the other person telling us that they are not “enough”.

They see the power and life in us. The Love and so much more. Our presence alone even challenges them. They don’t want to face themselves. They aren’t ready to level up. They are scared of the work.

We tell them it’s ok, that shame isn’t even on the table. But they don’t believe us. We don’t see that deep down they judge themselves more harshly than we ever could.

They want what we have. Otherwise they never would have been attracted to us in the first place. But they can’t yet see the Way. They focus on the wrong things.

Their jealousy festers. Challenging them to choose differently. To grow. But no, most instead settle for, and I do mean settle for, the crumbs of stabbing us in the back.  Just to see the sadness on our face. Just to see us mad. Hoping we’ll lose it. That we’ll fall down and join them. Again.

Their loss. Not ours. And they know that more than we do.

We want the person we know they can be. We keep fighting for them in that regard. But they think they want the person in us who will let them be. Literally. They think they want to bring us down to a place where we won’t challenge them anymore. Where they’ll feel superior again. Where they can help us navigate the darkness again. Company for comfort. They think that’s what they want.

Testing us. Desperation. Wanting to know if we’re really real. If we’ll give up and join them. Or if the Love in us is enough. If Love in us really stands up. If we’ll move on and not close up. Light in us still shining BIG. For all to see. In spite of. Real Life; not just the theatrical show many sing and dance for.

Rejection is sometimes, maybe many times, actually a bigger compliment than the half-hearted placations of peers. Sometimes those who reject you are your biggest fans.

Refocus. Ask for wisdom.

Maybe the greatest, healthiest thing you can do for them, for the people you love that hurt you, is to move on. Show them. Let them watch. As you fully embrace the beauty of broken humanity. Proving that our value is not found in perfect performance. That we don’t have to get it right before we start living. That it’s ok not to be ok.

Walking away. Making them want more.

But be careful. This kind of jealousy can turn dangerous. Listen the first time when they disrespect you. When they tell you they don’t want to participate anymore. We were told about this long ago. They will trample you if you insist. If you won’t walk away. If you stay and won’t let them have their way. Don’t end up on the news. But be smart about leaving – this isn’t a game for them.

And then Love them by putting them in the hands and heart of the only Someone who already proved They are big enough to handle any rage, the biggest temper tantrums thrown Their way. Hand them over to the hell they choose. For their ultimate healing. So that their lies will be burned away.

And then hopefully we’ll rejoice in seeing them free one day. On this side. In their right minds. Without any interference needed from us. Was Love enough for you? Then let Love be enough for them. You are trying to help, but you might be in the way. Delaying what you want. Let them go. Let them be. Is your trust in your strength or in Trinity?

Don’t be intimidated. Don’t play small with good intentions. You step up. Or maybe better yet, step In.

We are no better. Special, but not exceptional. In the sense that all need healing in their own ways.

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