Not all the way there, but making progress. Learning to pause. Ask for direction. And listen. Instead of jumping straight to “logic” and keep knocking on doors that have been shut… for now.

It’s so easy and yet I forget probably more often than not. Today it took me until the early evening. Was sitting in a funk all day. Finally started asking honest questions. Being really real.

And just like that… within seconds, maybe minutes. All the comfort I needed. My peace returned. Hope and joy also. My energy even returned. Spent the next few hours happily working on a project I really want to complete.

Starting to see unwanted emotions and thoughts as invitations. To ask for a different perspective. Haven’t been disappointed in that respect yet.

I will not fear. I will ask for eyes to see and ears to hear. What is beyond me and my strength.

I am welcome. Like a kid. I’m not expected to do any of this on my own. What matters to me is important. This is participating. Such a huge relief from the way I tried to operate in the past.

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