David. Moses. Joseph. All late bloomers. Just working away. Day after day. No idea what God was preparing them for. Learning lessons and building up strength along the way.

God keeps telling me not to despise the days of small beginnings. He finishes what He starts.

Just because others look down on you, or reject you, or betray you. That has absolutely nothing to do with your value and worth. There is zero correlation between how well others treat you and how much God loves you. How much you matter to God. Zero.

Just because you feel like you are in last place does NOT mean you are finished. If there is still breath today then your story isn’t over yet. You haven’t met everyone. You haven’t done everything.

David wasn’t out in the fields with the sheep ever thinking he’d fight a Goliath. Moses wasn’t out in the fields ever thinking he’d watch God part a sea. Joseph wasn’t working in the prison dungeons ever thinking he’d be second in command in Egypt and help deliver a region from starvation.

You’re sitting here looking around and thinking “I guess my time has passed. Doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen for me.” But a seed for a weed and a seed for a tree can be planted in the same ground right next to each other. One will sprout and grow to full potential within a very small amount of time. Whereas the other takes years and years, even decades to see what it was Created to be.

It may look like everyone else is having and has had their moments. But you might be on a different path.

You want that microwaved instant noodle life or that curated aged slow-smoked brisket life? 😉

I’d be surprised if even one person saw where you are going. Even Samuel talked with God and didn’t see David as the first choice. Sometimes God lets them reject you so you don’t miss the position He’s preparing you for. So their words don’t have as much opportunity to get you off track. So you don’t get comfortable settling for less than all He has for you.

Ask for wisdom. Ask for direction. Comfort. Eyes to see. Ears to hear. Ask for help in even receiving all Love has for you. Ask for experiential knowledge that doesn’t require intellectual explanations. And then lean in and learn to enjoy the ride.

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