Who Told You?

Would you even know if there was the concept of such a place as the interpretation commonly referred to as “hell” if nobody ever told you?

In that logic, what happens to you if nobody ever tells you about this “hell”? That’s it? Off to the eternal BBQ pit for you?

That doesn’t sound like a Shepherd that leaves the 99 to go find the last little sheep. Or The One who submitted to our twisted call for “justice” executed through an unfair trial and the torture and murder of an innocent Man. Just to prove we have nothing to be afraid of. Perfect love casts out fear.

Is the god you worship so impotent that He just gives up and leaves it up to us? Jesus said to focus on love and be as children. And yet your god expects us to get it right or else? For ourselves? For others?

I used to preach that, but I couldn’t even live it. And I’m not buying it anymore. I need God to be bigger than me. Than anything I can bring to the table.

Is it possible to experience God for real? Or did Trinity stop being personally interested in us when Jesus ascended? Does God only check in to correct us or to give us the infrequent attaboy? To drop by and bounce out after giving us a bone every now and then? Or is God right here, right now, caring about the things that concern me? Concern you?

Do we worship a book or do we worship The Creator? Is it possible that God could even personally speak to our hearts? Our minds, our spirits? Not just through a few men and their interpretations?

Whenever I go outside the city, I start to see and hear again. My peace returns. My joy. Not to turn that encouragement into yet another element of dogma. Just saying.

And I do believe in hell – don’t have to go very far to find it these days. Just not an eternal literal BBQ pit for all of those kids that didn’t get it during this human experience. Pastors and preachers INcluded

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