Already Included #43 – Exposed

By: Sarah Nyhan

I used to read it that Adam and Eve covered themselves due to shame about something they did. Now, I wonder if they covered themselves more because their eyes were opened to see their vulnerability. And in turn maybe the covering and the hiding was an effort to do what they could in their own strength in order to not feel so exposed.

These times certainly have me feeling even more vulnerable and exposed than usual. And I seem to have almost exhausted every one of my own efforts to shelter my place in this world and existence. He said to come as a child and I think the farthest I’ve made it is coming as a teenager, so to speak, with lots of energy spent towards ya know, doing MY part.

But is that really being in the complete dependence of a child? Children are so exposed and vulnerable! I saw a wild animal who birthed an offspring that immediately started walking. Are human children the most dependent out of all Creatures? I wonder. I suspect so. It takes years and years for a human child to be able to survive “on their own”.

And if you had a parent that you trusted, did you spend all your time helping them provide for you and protect you? Or did you spend the majority of your time enjoying the world they provided for you?

I don’t think this is a test. I think this is deeper, and deeper healing. Deepest healings. For my benefit. Not for His ego. To bring forth all the potential that was Created in me. In us.

I realize I have never fully trusted. And for good reason based on human interactions. But my soul is continually comforted when I reach my ends. And I am continually, gently reminded of all the times before when my strength wasn’t needed. When He was bigger than me. Than anything I could bring to the table.

This is not easy. But it is simple. And I ask in gratitude for more. For the most. For everything there is to enjoy.

I heard someone say today something to the effect of: full reconciliation is a done deal; full realization is the current aim. It resonated with me. Sharing in case it resonates with anyone else.

We get a choice. To live only according to what our eyes can see? Giving fear free reign? Or will I, will we, dare to listen to that persistent hug of a whisper that speaks to endless mysteries pregnant with much greater possibilities? Way beyond the galaxies and our imaginations.