I used to lament that it felt like I kept going around and around the same mountain. Will I ever get off? Someone responded and told me I might be going around the same mountain, but I am still moving up – each time around a little shorter and shorter.

I thought about how we don’t build roads straight up the side of a mountain. Instead we build roads that zig zag up the side of a mountain. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Life can kinda be like that. You think you’re going one way and then you hit the “end of the road” and have to turn around. It seems like you’re headed right back where you started. But we can never go back. We always move onward. Just like the roads. Eventually we get somewhere. Even if it looks like all we’re seeing is the same scenery along the way.

They say the view is better at the top. Even when it seems like all of life has passed you by, never give up.

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