Justin Bieber

I heard Justin Bieber singing for his friend Dan. I thought about how we focus on the famous people so much that we miss the whole group of musicians that play background to the star. We don’t like Justin Bieber’s music just because it is only Justin Bieber’s voice we hear. It’s the whole package that we like. All the musicians and engineers and everyone who comes together to make one song.

In the same way in life, we need each other. We are better when we are part of something bigger than just being the Lone Ranger of our little isolated island. Heck, even the Lone Ranger had a sidekick. The producers probably knew a show about a man wandering around truly on his own was nothing.

We gotta learn how to be with people. How to appreciate how what they have sings right along with what we have.

That being said, not every key on the piano sounds good with every other key. But together, played by a master, we belong on the same day and eventually need each other in some way.

Harmony. Harmonize. Breathe. And let each other be. Don’t ruin it by taking it to the extreme. You know what I mean.

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