Do I have more of a relationship with food than I do with people? Or God? What is it for you? Sex? Porn? Gaming? Television?

Have we lost the knowledge of how to really connect with each other? Are we all so scared? Are we all operating from scarcity?

Quite ironic that technology has advanced so we can reach each other instantly yet seem to have grown increasingly disconnected. We are literally alienated from each other.

We have to learn the basics the more primitive peoples wouldn’t think twice about. We teach them high-tech and they teach us how to say hello to each other. Geesh.

Where do we start? How do we become human again? I feel like God is saying seek Him first.

He never fails. He will never let me down. I can always trust Him.

Start there. Once my relationship with God is experienced moment by moment then I will understand how to reconnect with myself and others.

2 thoughts on “Reconnect

  1. I think it is possible that we still have meaningful relationships more than we know. We are more efficient. In the old days, we had longer in efficient conversations in the morning. You pick up the dry cleaning I’ll pick up Susie after school no you pick up Susie after school I’ll pick up the dry cleaning and go to the vet appointment. So now we can talk about things other than our schedule in the morning and then just meet up at 3, hey where are you type of phone calls. Call Bob, let’s go walk on the dock. More spontaneous. I know I am.

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