Free Pizzas

One time I went to Mod pizza and an employee behind the counter yelled out, “Free pizza.”

Nobody approached.

I thought he was kidding. But again he yelled out, “Free pizza to the next person who walks up.”

I looked around and the place was packed, but everyone was acting like they didn’t hear him.

So I walked over to him and said, “Are you serious?” And he said, “Yep” and handed me two free pizzas. Wow!

I guess some things aren’t too good to be true. Pretty cool.

And yet another example of how God provided for me when I didn’t have enough. I went to the store because I was hungry and needed to eat. I felt guilty about the money I was spending. But I was going out in faith. Trusting that my Dad, God, knows that I needed to eat. And I’m His kid. And He Loves me.

Was so cool to see Him show off for me after I went forward in that trust.

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