Try being perfect. Try only leaving room in your life for perfect people. Tell me how that works out for you.

Not saying we shouldn’t have standards, values, and boundaries. Just asking you what hill you want to choose to die on? As the phrase goes. Or maybe more directly: what issue are you going to murder this relationship over?

Don’t misunderstand; I have been a seasoned judge. To what effect? Eventually nobody is good enough. And you don’t even like your own company.

What will give? I don’t have a formula to give you. But do the benefits outweigh the offenses? Can we take our egos out of the equation?

If my life is happy, if I’m satisfied and enjoying my own life then I find I have much more grace for others. I can let them be. Let them work out their own junk with God without needing to take them to court or the guilotine over every thing.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Some behaviors we shouldn’t enable. But what about the rest?

I need you. We need each other. Letting you in doesn’t mean I give you the key to everything. But can I have a conversation with you?

These things get easier as I find my security in Whose I am. Living loved. Imperfectly.

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