When I was younger I used to always look at houses and plan which house would be mine. Just now I was thinking about whether that is a typical thing that children think about. Then I thought how funny it is that I have based my career in real estate and yet I’ve never owned a home. In many ways, I am still searching for my ‘home’ in the physical sense as well as in other senses.

It is so interesting to me because it is this automatic internal drive that is irresistable. It seems like there is something inside of us that needs a “home”, per se. No matter how much we roam, we seem to need a home base. A foundation to fall back on. People who will catch us.

Maybe as a child in a military family, that sense of home was never there and that is why I have always been driven by that. I wonder what it would have been like to grow up in the same community with a sense of belonging. As a military child, you never really belong anywhere or to anyone outside of your immediate family. Even blood family can be strangers in the practical sense. There are many good things about being fortunate enough to travel and visit different places. Yet there still is a need for a home base.

Along those lines, I was thinking this morning how this past year has been so intense. One of the most difficult years of my life. It felt like I was deployed to a spiritual war zone. Halfway in jest, this morning I asked God for my “deployment” to be over. I asked him for a break from the fights, for some so-called “home time”. To be refreshed and refilled. To recharge.

I know this world is not my final destination. This body and this planet are just pit stops on the way to whatever is next. It’s so difficult to find that balance to avoid being so heavenly minded that you aren’t any earthly good. To actually fully live in the moment without taking it too terribly serious. It’s such a fine line.

I am amazed through it all that God doesn’t seem to be in a rush to call us onto whatever is next. Senator McCain’s mother is alive at 106!! And yet another baby will die in utero probably as you are reading this. Thoughts that are too grand for me. Thoughts only our Creator, our Father can sufficiently and accurately answer.

But along the line of babies, I was wondering the other day – and just humor my random contemplations – but I was wondering if just like babies live inside the womb for nine months before they see what’s outside, maybe the same will happen for us? I reference verses that say we are in Christ. Maybe spiritually we are so limited by our physical vision. Maybe all this time on earth is just us spiritually percolating, per se. What if the dark galaxy that we see is only the inside. What if we are launched out of these bodies when they give out and what we see next is the equivalent of a baby opening its eyes for the first time after being born? Seeing as we are seen. Can you even imagine? I know that you can’t.

To think of all we’ve been through as a precursor to whatever is next – wow! Not the end. Only the beginning.