Light and Fresh

I wanted something light and fresh for breakfast this morning. Lightly brushed some garlic naan with olive oil. Then topped it with sliced tomatoes. Then brushed on a super light coat of olive oil. Then topped it with kosher salt, black pepper, and Italian seasoning. Baked for six minutes. Delicious when hot but even tastier after it cooled. Especially the tomatoes. Would have been great to have some fresh basil to put on top. Yum! A great summer breakfast. Hope the day goes just as well.

Also, this meal was super affordable. The naan was on sale at two for $1.37. And the tomatoes were on sale at six for $0.78; and I only used three. Already had the oil and spices on hand. So the entire meal was made for around $1.76 if you exclude the spices and oil.