Thought this was a really great video for people who are trying to get creative projects off the ground. Creating will humble you and teach you a lot about yourself. Things that are really helpful to know if you can swallow your pride and eat some humble pie.

You find out first of all that ideas are a dime a dozen. I’ve learned the hard way to trade action for a lot of talking. All the little choices and decisions mean a lot and make a difference. Talent might get you a shot, but hard work and practice keep you on the team. Discipline. All that boring hard stuff that isn’t a lot of fun. That won’t attract a lot of companions until it starts to pay off.

Will you give up when you encounter turbulence? Will I? Get back up. Fine-tune your approach and give it another go. This is living. Do you want to be comfortable or do you want to stop dreaming and start making real life happen? Versus just a cultivated social media image and wishful thinking.

Good news is that our society in the USA is so spoiled right now that a lot of doors are left wide open for those willing to put in the work that others resist. People risk their lives to come to this country and we’re going to sit here and complain? Not a good look.

How hungry are you? Get it together.

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